Artists and Makers

Spring Fling 27 - 29 May 2017

Here you will find information on the 2017 participating artists and makers. You can find the artist/maker either by their last name or the discipline they work in. On their profile page you will find images of their work, their studio address, contact details, their work for sale in our webshop and their video (if available). Although Spring Fling 2016 has been and gone, many of these artist's studios will be open year round or will open by appointment.

This year we have 93 studios flinging their studio doors open for Spring Fling Open Studios. Of this, we have 15 new studios taking part, along with a mix of Neighbours (artists/makers from neighbouring regions) and Springbacks (artists/makers that have taken part before or have a connection to the region but don't live in D&G). Amongst our new studios we had two young artists from Upland's Emerge programme, a young artists bursary programme for which emerging artists are mentored by some of D&G's finest established artists. 

Each artist and maker taking part in the event features on the website. Here you'll find information on their work, what to expect and how to find their studio. 

Blue Route  

1. Lisa Hooper 2. Peter Wareing 3. Kevan McGinty 4. Davy Brown 5. Sarah Stewart 6. Kate Timney (Wigtown Residency) 7. Kay Ribbens 8. Andy Priestman


Purple Route 

9. Gail Kelly (New studio/Neighbour) 10. Caroline McQuistin (New studio/Springback) 11. Linda Mallett 12. Alistair Hamilton (New studio) 13. Kate Anderson 14. Ross Fulton 15. Ian Cameron-Smith 16. Morag Macpherson 17. Maggie Ayres 18. Claire Cameron-Smith 19. Suzi Plunkett 20. Rosie Reid (Emerge) 21. Ryan Gillan 22. Heather M Nisbet  23. Urpu Sellar 24. Jennie Ashmore 25. Trevor Leat 26. Janet Ibbotson 27. Suzanne Stuart Davies 28. Alan Brockbank (New studio) 29. Fitch & McAndrew 30. Hazel Campbell


Pink Route 

31. Lucy Hadley 32. Angela Lawrence 33. Michal Šúr 34. Ruth Laird (New studio/Springback) 35. Phil Mcmenemy 36. Jo Gallant 37. Beth Watson (Neighbour) 38. Susan McKay 39. Adam Booth 40. Pamela Grace 41. Clare Dawdry 42. Amanda Simmons 43. Natalie Vardey


Orange Route  

44. Wendy Kershaw (Springback) 45. Christine Hester Smith 46. John Threlfall 47. Ailsa Black 48.  Archie McCall 49. Laura Hudson Mackay 50. Michael Pell 51. Deborah Campbell (Neighbour) 52. Fraser Irvine 53. Luke Fitch (New studio/Emerge) 54. Mark Gibbs (New studio/Neighbour) 55. Shona Guthrie 56. Steven Burnie 57. Andrew Adair 58. Gwen Adair 59. Emily Cooper (New studio) 60. Morgan Hardie 61. Helen Acklam


Green Route 

62. Clare Melinsky 63. Alison Proudlock 64. Anne Butler 65. Victor Henderson 66. Alison Macleod 67. Kaz Robertson (Springback) 68. Myer Halliday (Springback) 69. Terri Campbell 70. Kate Mink (New studio/Springback) 71. Jennifer Watt 72. Philip Wilson 73. Emma Varley 74. Ruth Elizabeth Jones 75. Sarah Keast 76. Silvana McLean 77. Melville Brotherston 


Red Route

78. Minette Bell Macdonald 79. Bella Green 80. Marcer Campbell 81. Cathy Sidhu 82. Fergus Hall 83. Lisa Rothwell-Young 84. Jo Walker (Springback) 85. Vicky Swales (New studio/Neighbour) 86. Sarah Taylor (New studio/Neighbour) 87. Margaret Walty 88. Julie Dumbarton 89. Daniel Lacey 90. Martin Miles-Moore (New studio/Neighbour) 91. Michael Batey  92. Heather Blanchard 93. Colin Blanchard 


Remember you do not only have 3 days to go around the studios - you have 3 nights as well! We have encouraged our artists to open their studios on Friday (26th 6 - 8pm for Preview), Saturday or Sunday (27th or 28th 'til 8pm) - most of the artists have chosen to open for at least one evening. Look out for the following icons on their artist pages:





Image by Colin Tennant

Icon Keys

Wheelchair Access Toilet Facilities
Family Friendly Parking
Accept Credit / Debit Card Open All Year Round
Friends Friendly Offer Evening Openings