D&G|OUT: James Harvey British Art, London

Dumfries and Galloway popped up in Chelsea: this short exhibition of visual art and sculpture included a series of talks and workshops at James Harvey British Art on Langton Street. The first run from 24 April - 2 May went so well that it was extended until the following weekend. 

24 April – 2 May 
James Harvey British Art, 15 Langton St, London SW10 0JL


We ran a series of artists' talks and demonstrations as part of D&G | OUT: Spring Fling in London. They all took place at James Harvey British Art in Chelsea

Thursday 24 April Clare Melinsky and Katharine Wheeler

Clare Melinsky Talk and demonstration of the renowned illustrator’s work using lino cut prints.

Katharine Wheeler An artist’s presentation centring around personal development but in strong relationship to artistic practice in rural Dumfries & Galloway.


Friday 25 April Margaret Walty, Amy Winstanley & Patti Lean

Margaret Walty: Glorious Detail An artist’s journey in portraying the intricacies of nature, from jewellery, to book illustration and Gold medal-winning botanical art.

Amy Winstanley & Patti Lean: Spreading Light on Abstract Painting, Artists in Conversation Creating debate and discussion around abstract painting and its processes.


Saturday 26 April Adam Booth, Lucianne Lassalle and Silvana McLean

Adam Booth An illustrated talk about the artist’s work as a blacksmith, using samples showing the transformation of steel in high temperature.

Lucianne Lassalle Talk with images of modelling a life size clay figure for casting in bronze or resin.

Silvana McLean: Northlandings An illustrated talk about how travels in Iceland and Shetland have influenced the artist’s work.


Artists who showed their work in this exhibition were:

Jane Blair
Heather Blanchard
Adam Booth
Patricia Cain
Hazel Campbell
Sam Cartman
Gary Craig
Caroline Dalton
Philip Gunn
Steven Higginson
Lucianne Lassalle
Patti Lean
Suzan Malcolm
Clare Melinsky
Silvana McLean
Helen Ryman
Maggie Savage
John Threlfall
Margaret Walty
Jennifer Watt
Katharine Wheeler
Amy Winstanley