**Please note that Spring Fling 2017 has now been and gone for another year - Information on EDGE below

Let EDGE whisper to you of parted lovers, lost sailors and forgotten journeys.

EDGE is a ghost tideline that followed and entwined with the existing one at Carrick Foreshore, formed using detritus collected along the coast together with curious objects and artefacts large and small, given to, created or found by the artists. These clusters of objects formed fragments of mysterious narratives and forgotten stories, some real, some imagined, some playful, others full of sadness and loss. The stories explored the nature of the link between this land and distant places and became part of the ancient tidal conversion between the sea and the shore.

The new tideline was full of surprises, mysteries and revelations and visitors were able to explore details of the work using the age-old skills of beach combing.

Over the three days of Spring Fling, visitors found an EDGE publication full of stories and information about the tideline, a seashore themed ‘lending library’ and live music from Scottish ‘country-punk’ band The Hoolits, who performed a mix of their own sea-themed tunes and traditional sea-shanties at 3.30pm on Saturday the 27th of May.


EDGE from Upland on Vimeo. Video by Colin Tennant.


EDGE was an Upland public art project commissioned for Spring Fling 2017 led by Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman.


Follow Jo and Robbie's blog journey below:

Blog #1 - 24.04.17

A great part of our preparation for EDGE is that we have needed to spend lots of time on beaches in Dumfries and Galloway.  We have been searching tidelines for interesting things that have been washed up and meeting people with local knowledge and stories to tell.

We both grew up on shorelines, from the west coast near Oban to the east coast of England in Suffolk, so EDGE is an opportunity to think back to the strange excitement that we would feel walking a tideline looking for something exciting that had been washed in from far away on the last tide. 

Nic Coomby from Solway Coastwise Project, who is incredibly knowledgeable about the coast of Dumfries and Galloway, has pointed us in the direction of the beaches where the most interesting sea debris gets washed up. While there, unfortunately, is a lot of plastic in the tidelines these days, we have been lucky enough to make some fantastic finds. This week we are doing school workshops in Twynholm and Gatehouse Primary Schools. We’re going to take some curious objects with us and let the children work out what they are, where they are from and why they might have ended up in the ocean.  

- Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman


Blog #2 - 27.04.17

Both Twynholm and Gatehouse Primary Schools have 'adopted' Carrick for their beach clean ups so know the EDGE site well. We went along to both schools with some interesting objects that we had collected at beaches around the region as well as objects from that will be seen at EDGE. We had a great time with the children talking about tidelines and the things that they had found on beaches, following which they wrote amazing stories about how the EDGE objects had come to be washed up at Carrick involving sunken cruise ships, the Queen's pearls, trombone playing rabbits and aliens!

- Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman

Blog #3 - 16.05.17

Our research for EDGE had taken us in fascinating directions; every time we talk to someone a new story reveals itself. This week we have been talking to Brian Jones from Gatehouse who built some of the huts at Carrick. He has given us some great stories such as the hut that was made from a shipwreck in the area and a ghostly apparition of a fisherman.


We are still exploring the beaches of Dumfries and Galloway and some of our finds are really intriguing such as the random chair and action man head in the photos. There is however a depressing amount of plastic rubbish sitting on the tidelines of the region, that will take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

The chair with a view was found near Port William as was the Action Man.. a little bit past his best, but still with those eagle eyes.

- Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman


Blog #4 - 24.05.17

We are looking forward to the weekend and things are taking shape nicely. We have invited contributions from other local artists, one of these being Denise Zygadlo (http://www.denisezygadlo.co.uk) who has created a very special work inside a limpet encrusted suitcase. 

The suitcase will be arriving on the EDGE tideline so If you want to find out what's inside, you'll have to come along! There'll be many more suitcases open and explore, and what you'll find inside will reveal the secrets of their journey. We also have a surprise guest on Sunday - more on this to follow.

- Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman


Blog #5 - 26.05.17

Installing at beautiful Carrick foreshore. Very high tide tomorrow so fingers crossed it doesn't all float away.


- Jo Hodges & Robbie Coleman



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