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We have lots of opportunities available for businesses and events to get involved. Whether this is taking out an advert in the brochure, joining us in a Creative Partnership or promoting your business through our Whilst in D&G section. The layout of Spring Fling 2019 brochure will be similar to the one of the 2018 brochure which you can view here:

For 2018, we continued to improve the overall design and feel of the brochure and also offered new advertising positions throughout the brochure which enabled visitors to see adverts in relation to the routes they were following. This made packaged each route nicely and made for a more cohesive experience for the visitor. This is something we will be building on for 2019.

Types of Advertising

General advertising:

Adverts are either full, half, 1/4 or 1/8 page format in the advertising section of the brochure. 1/2 page adverts are also allowed in the route sections. The latter are limited to 2 adverts per route and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Businesses/events advertising in the route sections should be on that route/in that area. We will continue to offer advertising in the designated advertising area of the brochure and therefore offer something for everyone in terms of advertising needs.

Gallery advertorials:

Gallery advertorials are for galleries within Dumfries and Galloway. These are featured in the route pages of the route that gallery is on. This aims to provide brochure users and visitors to the event with a comprehensive insight into that area/route and give businesses a greater advertising opportunity.

All other advertising conditions will still apply. Please see the rates and information below.

Advertising Rates (VAT not applicable)

Inside front cover – full page

216mm high x 216 mm wide (includes 3mm bleed)

Please note - do not place text close to the spine as could get lost in binding - at least 25 mm away from spine.


(this may be eligible for sponsorship match funding, see below)

Inside back cover – full page

216mm high x 216 mm wide (includes 3mm bleed)

Please note - do not place text close to the spine as could get lost in binding - at least 25 mm away from spine.


(this may be eligible for sponsorship match funding, see below)


Full Page

216mm high x 216 mm wide (includes 3mm bleed)

£800.00 (back of brochure)

(route listing not offered)

1/2 page

196mm high x 95mm wide (requires no bleed)

£400.00 (back of brochure)

£450.00 (route listing)

1/4 page

97mm high x 95mm wide (requires no bleed)

£300.00 (back of brochure)

(route listing not offered)

1/8 page 

47.5mm high x 95mm wide (requires no bleed)

£200.00 (back of brochure)

(route listing not offered)

Gallery Advertorials

196mm high x 95mm wide (requires no bleed).

Different format to adverts, with more text & information. Includes a dot on the map, SF website promotion, social media/newsletter promo and promotion as part of your route

£500.00 (on your route only)




Galleries are also welcome to take out an advert in the main advert section as per the costs.

Previous advertisers are entitled to a 10% discount.


Advertising Policies

Individual artists

Advertising by individual artists and makers is only open to Upland Professional Members (for more information on becoming a member visit:

Their adverts cannot only promote their open studio over Spring Fling weekend.

Artists not taking part in Spring Fling 2019 are limited to 1/8 page.

Other businesses

Tourist businesses and attractions, venues, sponsors, funders and permanent galleries are welcome to advertise.

Visual arts events

Visual arts events must not take place over the same weekend as Spring Fling 2019 (25-27 May 2019).

Other cultural events e.g. dance, music, theatre

Can advertise regardless of when they take place.

Disclaimer: final decisions regarding the acceptance of advertising by any individual, business or event will be at the discretion of the Upland staff.


Booking your advert

Contact: Joanna Macaulay to make your booking on or 07787 299487. Remember adverts in the route sections of the brochure are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All adverts and Gallery advertorials must be booked and paid for by 5pm, Friday 16th November 2018.

Artwork and information for advertorials must be provided by 5pm, Friday 7th December 2018.


Technical Specifications

Please supply adverts either by email to, or by CD (please note that we cannot return disks) to the address below.

Artwork should be high resolution (300dpi print quality) and submitted in either: PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPG formats. If you need help designing an advert, we can help you in house (POA).


Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities which allow businesses to support the arts, arts industries and nurture new young graduate artists. The Culture & Business Fund Scotland offer match funding for sponsorship, £ for £ to eligible businesses and both in-kind and cash sponsorship are eligible, but must come from the sponsor’s own funds, goods or services. In return, Upland promotes the sponsor through various national and international marketing PR campaigns, print and online media and various other means. If you are thinking about advertising but also interested in getting involved in other ways, this is a great chance to explore sponsorship as there are lots of options available.

For more information on how you can become a sponsor for the 2019 Spring Fling Open Studios please contact Joanna Macaulay on


Contact Details

Joanna Macaulay, Events & Exhibitions Manager

Tel: 07787 299487 / Email:

Spring Fling Open Studios is an Upland Arts Development Community Interest Company (SC350101) event.

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