I paint obsessively, draw, write, research, compose, record and perform.  My work attempts to make sense of the world. This year’s Spring Fling project is about appreciating the food we grow and consume. Painter Egon Schiele’s passion inspires me, writer/poet Charles Bukowski’s depictions of humanity keep me up at night.

What to expect: Shoots & Leaves Café: ‘16 Square Feet’, sixteen paintings (based on minimum space to grow greens for one person) and illustrated cookbook. More paintings and work in progress at my nearby studio, Moss Cree Cottage.

Directions: Moss Cree Cottage is downhill past the war memorial towards Martyrs Stake. Shoots & Leaves, 20 South Main Street is on the south side of the main square.

Accessibility: Shoots & Leaves has toilet, wheelchair access, ample street parking. At Moss Cree Cottage, level access but limited parking,
no toilet.

Recommendation: Shoots & Leaves vegetarian/vegan café. Address, see Directions (right).


10% discount for Friends of SF or subscribers to www.hopelondon.com

Moss Cree Cottage, 2 Ball Green, Wigtown, DG8 9HU (and Shoots & Leaves)
T: 07702 421 720
E: hopelondonartist@gmail.com
W: hopelondon.com

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