I make intricate willow structures for the wall. My inspiration comes from living in Galloway where I grow the many varieties of willow needed for my work. Influences from Japan continue to inspire me to capture the simplicity and beauty of nature.

What to expect: My studio was described by some visitors last year as ‘an oasis of calm with the scent of willow drifting through the space.’ The walls will display some new experimental ideas designed for #Collect2019 and abstract nature pieces made with willow and other woods.

Directions: From the A75 take the A711 into Kirkcudbright. From St Mary Street turn right into Daar Road. The WASPS Studios are at the end of the council car park.

Accessibility: Twenty stairs (with hand rail) up to the studio on first floor.

Recommendation: Kirkcudbright Galleries, DG6 4AA – New gallery and cafe promoting the unique art heritage of Kirkcudbright.

10% discount for Friends of Spring Fling.

Studio 3, WASPS Studios, 117 High Street, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4JG
T: 07821 629 234
E: lizziefarey@gmail.com
W: www.lizziefarey.co.uk

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