While encaustics remains my principal practice, cold wax painting and sculpture are enticing diversions. Work develops exploring notions of transformation through concepts of movement in space; flight of birds and displacement of air as wings beat – abstract expression of how this looks and feels.

What to expect: Blowtorch, molten beeswax, pounding tree resin, gatherings of rusty metal, tools for scraping and cutting, wondrous graphite, mark making, buttery oil paints, papers and panels and sketchbooks, translucence, seductive smells, stuff to buy.

Directions: From the A75 take the A711 into Kirkcudbright. From St Mary Street turn right into Daar Road. The WASPS Studios are at the end of the council car park.

Accessibility: My studio is on the first floor of the building with stairs only, so no
wheelchair access.

Recommendation: Solway Tide Cafe, 16 St Cuthbert St, Kirkcudbright – Good, strong Fairtrade coffee.

10% discount for Friends of Spring Fling.

Studio 4, WASPS Studios, 117 High Street, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4JG
T: 07815 528 827
E: maggie@maggieayres.co.uk
W: www.maggieayres.co.uk

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