My work is bold, loose and colourful. I use ink and bamboo, gouache and soft pastel. Landscapes and still life predominate but using much poetic licence. Galloway landscape and seasons have influenced my work, but in a semi abstract way.

What to expect: This is a new studio and I am so excited about it. Come and see my new work and the influence town living is having on me. New, interesting stuff on the walls and shelves, and examples of finished work and work in progress.

Directions: My studio is between King St and Queen St. Follow signs at Town clock.

Accessibility: Steep stairs.

Recommendation: Earth’s Crust artisan bakery opposite my studio is brilliant. Good cafe too. 36-38 St Andrew St, DG71EN

Packs of greetings cards.

21 St Andrew Street, Castle Douglas, DG71EL
T: 07799 565 058

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