I’m an artist/designer from Italy who creates colourful, imaginative pieces. I’ve recently experimented in digital illustration, taking the same approach as if using pens, pencils or paint, resulting in drawings with a human and playful feel, despite the digital tools.

What to expect: Le Zite (The Girlfriends) is a series of illustrations and accompanying works. Fascinated by the life and love stories in the postmodernist architect and designer Ettore Sottsass’s biography, Scritto di Notte (Written at Night), I started drawing his lovers as they appeared throughout the book.

Directions: Situated in the McGill Duncan Gallery, 231 King Street, Castle Douglas. From the clock tower, go downhill and across the street to find the burgundy shop front with gold sign.

Accessibility: Free parking is available on the street outside. Wheelchair access to the front of the gallery but two small steps to the studio.

Recommendation: Gelston Picture Frames, 46-48 King Street, Castle Douglas – high-quality, bespoke framing.


Open evening on Saturday with refreshments.

McGill Duncan Gallery, 231 King Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1DT
T: 07554 541 624
E: g.fiorista@gmail.com
W: www.lezite.com

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