I am an exceptionally open and honest person and I feel this is translated in my work. I love painting different types of portraits that convey the emotions or essence of the subject rather than a simple visual recreation.

What to expect: My studio will be an example of an artists working environment where you can see the progress of my new exhibition. There will be self portraits from before, during and after my heart surgery. There are also previous works hanging, including oil paintings and prints for sale.

Directions: Walking north on Sanquhar High Street, take St Marys Street which is on the right straight across from A’ the Airts. Zip studios are signed from here.

Recommendation: Sanquhar Arts Festival for poetry, performance and visual arts.


ZIP Studio, 1a St Mary’s Street, Sanquhar, DG4 6BW
T: (01659) 50501
E: dougaloo@hotmail.co.uk

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