My style is loose and bold using gouache and ink applied with bamboo. Galloway landscape influences my work in a semi abstract fashion. Trees and seasons are increasingly strong contributors.

What to expect: Visitors can expect to see plants, paper jugs, stuff gathered from exhibitions and quirky things that have fascinated me. Sketch books and reference books abound, works-in-progress and lots of this year’s finished and framed work.

Directions: My studio is between King St and Queen St. Follow signs at Town clock.

Accessibility: Steep stairs.

Recommendation: Mr Pook’s Kitchen, 38 King Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1AD – Classic and modern cooking using locally sourced ingredients.

Free packs of greetings cards for Friends and purchasers.

21 St Andrew Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1EL
T: 07799 565 058
what3words: ///hindered.enforced.stereos

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