Plumbs: Cottage to be Transformed into a Sofa

25th May 2012

Plumbs Blog by Hannah Jones

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At Plumbs we pride ourselves on our ability to cover almost anything, but this latest venture brings a whole new meaning to our motto! Installation artist Alice Francis is endeavouring to cover a complete Galloway Cottage (yes the EXTERIOR of the building!) with made-to-measure loose covers from Plumbs! The project comes as part of Scotland’s annual open studio arts and crafts event, the Spring Fling.

The aim of the temporary piece is, as Alice explains, to flout conventional expectations: “I want to encourage people to question appearances, and perhaps shake off the conventions that we all get stuck with. Taking something that would normally be inside and putting it on the outside, turns the unremarkable into something very unusual. It inverts the status quo.”

No stranger to the absurd and irregular, Alice’s artistic repertoire includes thought provoking pieces such as polishing white lines in the road in the Dumfries and Galloway countryside. Another memorable performance saw Alice in a pink rabbit costume, vacuuming local woodlands.

Alice chose Plumbs to help her with her latest piece, choosing one of our archetypal floral ‘Rose and Scroll‘ fabrics, more commonly found inside a traditional home. We’ve had great fun having Alice in our Preston factory and assisting with the cutting and sewing of the covers.

We cannot wait to see the final result, which will be erected next week on 31st May. It will remain, closely fitted around the building throughout the bank holiday weekend 2nd – 5th June. The cottage and it’s new made-to-measure cover will be highly visible on the B736, three miles south of Castle Douglas. Well worth a visit! We will indeed post the result as soon as we get our hands on some pictures!