The D&G Standard: Spring Fling goes from strength to strength

2nd September 2011

SPRING Fling has a new project manager.

Leah Black, a Glasgow-based jeweller, is an arts graduate and has experience of running her own creative businesses, including The Gin Palace which is an innovative and forward-thinking design collective in Glasgow. Her current ventures have been put on hold so that Leah can concentrate on her strengths in marketing, communication, administration and organising events. She is based at Gracefield Arts Centre for three days a week.

This year’s Spring Fling received 10,419 visitors, generating a total spend of £781,490.Spring Fling has recently been awarded funding of £51,418 and £27,640 from Dumfries and Galloway LEADER Programme and Holywood Trust.

This will be used to deliver the Spring Fling Springboard project, providing a bursary and mentoring scheme for graduates to take part in Spring Fling, develop a community and education outreach program of residencies and workshops and introduce a year-round digital marketing platform.

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