VisitScotland: Spring Fling Whilst in D&G Case Study

7th June 2012

Open Studio event Spring Fling is seizing the opportunities around Year of Creative Scotland 2012 to promote a new initiative with local tourism businesses...

Spring Fling is Dumfries & Galloway’s annual Art & Craft Open Studios event focused around ‘marrying contemporary art with breathtaking landscapes’. Visitors get behind scenes access to studios where they can watch artists and craft makers at work or try out new skills and techniques. Each year, Spring Fling brings in thousands of visitors to Dumfries & Galloway, benefiting the economy and boosting the region’s tourism offering.

The Spring Fling Friends scheme, which has been running since 2010, offers various benefits including an advance copy of the Spring Fling brochure and discounts from Spring Fling artists to Friends. To encourage recruitment and retention to the Friends scheme and enhance visitor experience, Spring Fling Manager Leah Black came up with a new initiative.

“I thought we could develop links with local businesses and ask them to offer Friends discounts during Spring Fling and throughout the year,” explained Leah.

A new page on the Spring Fling website was created, providing a platform for local tourism businesses to advertise for free in return for discounts for Friends. The new page ‐ Whilst in D&G ‐ displays offers for Friends on accommodation, food & drink, and attractions throughout the region.  

“Lots of businesses have already signed up to advertise with us and there is still space for more,” says Leah. “I am creating an obvious link between Spring Fling and tourism businesses in Dumfries & Galloway. We’d like to encourage our ‘Friends’ to use it, not just during the event but throughout the whole year as a directory for the region.”  

Whilst in D&G offers Spring Fling visitors a more packaged experience so that they are encouraged to stay and explore the region further. Businesses that advertise on the site benefit from new links with the region’s artists and galleries, opening doors for packages and promotions throughout Year of Creative Scotland 2012 and beyond.  

Find out more about Spring Fling at www.spring‐

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