Gill White Residency @ Wigtown Book Festival 2015/16

Now going into it's 7th year of a brilliant partnership between Spring Fling and Wigtown Book Festival, this years Artist in Residence has been selected. Outlined is the new resident and the project she will be creating in collaboration with Wigtown Book Festival 2015 and Spring Fling 2016. 

Gill White is a Digital Creative of design and film led interactive experiences. She likes to play with technology and storytelling. At the book festival Gill will be creating a colourful story led public art project - Pop-Up Story. Gill will set herself the challenge of everyday creating a new interactive art work. Each interactive artwork will be designed so that people will interact, either by walking through it, adding to it, or taking parts away. It will feature twelve playful days bursting with technicolor using technology as it's calling card and its social platform. Gill’s residency is designed for people to interact and have fun through storytelling and collective play. 

Gill's progress and information on Pop-Up Story can be found here.

You can meet Gill on Saturday 26 September at Wigtown Book Festival 
7pm | Meet the Spring Fling Artist | Free 
Gill White invites you to join her for refreshments and a chance to find out about her 2015 Wigtown Book Festival residency. 

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