Joanne B Kaar Residency @ Wigtown Book Festival 2012/2013

Highland-based textile Artist Joanne B Kaar is the artist in residence for Spring Fling / Wigtown Book Festival residency programme 2012, and as part of this residency will also participant in Spring Fling 2013. 

Part 1: Wigtown Book Festival 2012

Joanne has completed the first part of her residency at Wigtown Book Festival. Joanne brought her public engagement project 'Spinning A Yarn' to the Festival and used locally harvested plants, such as red-hot-poker, montbretia and New Zealand Flax to make a series of ‘yarns’ incorporating your stories and experiences at the festival. Visitors were able to join in the fun as Joanne ‘yarn spinning’ while out and about exploring the festival venues, cafes and outdoor spaces. Her studio at the WBF had a changing display of yarns as they grow and the festival story is spun. 

See some really brilliant images and great stories of 'Newton' and 'Stewart' from her residency at Wigtown here and read more on Joanne's blog!

Part 2: Spring Fling 2013

Joanne took part in Spring Fling 2013. Read more on her artist profile page here

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