Spring Fling Road Show 2013

Spring Fling is Hitting the Road (again) this Year!

With applications to Spring Fling 2014 opening on the 21 August (deadline 4 October), we are hitting the road to meet artists and makers face to face. Road Show locations will span the region; starting in Stranraer, moving to New Galloway, and then finishing in Lockerbie.

With a different format from last year's Road Show, this year we will offer the opportunity for artists and makers to come and talk to us in a one-to-one meeting, and ask specific questions regarding why and how to apply to take part in Spring Fling 2014.

You can book your time slot on our Eventbrite page.

What's New with Spring Fling 2014?

For the first time, Spring Fling will offer a limited number of bursaries to reduce the standard participation fee (£210 down to £150)* for artists and makers who are in need of financial aid due to them just starting out, because of geographical reasons, or due to the nature of their work. Priority will be given to new applicants and those who haven't taken part in the last 2 years.

*The Grad Scheme from Spring Fling 2013 has been merged into the bursary scheme

Who do We Hope to Meet?

Any artists or makers who are interested in taking part in Spring Fling. You can come and chat to us about specific things related to your application, how to apply, how you can get involved through any of our special programmes (ie Neighbours, Springback, Bursary), what it is like to take part in Spring Fling or anything you'd like to know from us. At each part of the Road Show, one or two of our artists will also be present so you can hear their perspectives on taking part in Spring Fling - and we hope to have at least one new artist at each part of the Road Show.

Interested? Book your time slot now on our Eventbrite page.

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