Young Artists Mentoring Programme 2013

Holly Clothier
Mentored by Lucianne Lasalle

Holly Clothier uses mixed media and textiles to create conceptual, unconventional, organic 3D sculptures, maximising the capabilities of the materials to express unresolved emotions and fears which manifest themselves in nightmares. A 2012 graduate from Loughborough University, Holly Clothier studied Multi-Media Textiles. Now 23 and living in Leicester, Holly’s family roots are in Dumfries and she has maintained strong links with Dumfries and Galloway since childhood. In the run up to Spring Fling Holly will be mentored by Lucianne Lasalle (Studio 52, p41), a sculptor and painter who has lived and worked in Dumfries and Galloway for many years. Holly will show her work during Spring Fling 2013 on the Brown Route (Studio 53, p42).

Laura Perry
Mentored by Denise Zygadlo

Specialising in printed textiles, Laura Perry graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA Honours in Textile Design in 2011. Inspired by architectural structures and their range of colours, Laura likes to contrast harsh lines and geometric shapes with soft fluid fabrics. Now 24, Laura spent periods of her childhood with family in Dumfries and Galloway and continues to find inspiration in the region, travelling from her home in South Ayrshire. Laura, in the run up to Spring Fling will be mentored by Denise Zygadlo (studio 64, p49) an artist whose primary interest is the exploration of the relationship between the human body and cloth. Laura will show her work during Spring Fling 2013 on the Brown Route (Studio 54, p42).

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