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New Town New Wave

Mark Lyken

Opening Sunday 20 May 2018, 2-4pm

Thurs 24 May – Sat 16 June 2018 (open Thurs-Sat, 10am-4pm, or by appointment)

Táifēng and the Motorway Saint, 2016, will screen during exhibition hours at 12pm and 2pm


CAMPLE LINE is pleased to present New Town New Wave, a compelling new work by filmmaker and sound artist Mark Lyken, developed following the Namwon Sound Art Residency that he undertook in November 2017 at the former KBS (Korean Broadcast System) building in Namwon, South Korea. It will be installed alongside Namwon Broadcasts, 2017, a new 20 minute soundwork recorded during an improvised performance in the KBS basement machine room, comprising sounds and field recordings gathered in and around the building during the residency.

In addition, we will screen Lyken’s recent film Táifēng and the Motorway Saint, 2016, itself the outcome of a residency in Taiwan and commissioned by Cryptic for Sonica 2017.

New Town New Wave includes a two-channel film installation and related three-part photographic work. The film installation comprises two screens, each showing a fixed camera shot of 20 minutes duration. The first shot frames a high window situated on the stairs leading up from the basement level of the KBS building and through which a Korean Maple sways in the wind. In the second shot, afternoon light tracks across the foyer leading through to the empty KBS theatre. Although the ambient sounds of the building can be heard (including traditional Buk drum practice), the primary sound track comprises a reel-to-reel KBS archive transmission called New Town New Wave (The Deullorae of Imsil), which was originally aired at 10:45pm on August 23rd, 1976. The broadcast introduces a Nongyo or Deullorae (Farmers’ Song) called Imsil Dulnorae from the village of Duwol-ri in the county of Imsil-gun. Imsil Dulnorae won the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea prize at the 14th National Folk Arts Competition in 1973. The related photographic work shows the open reel tape itself – the only archival example of a KBS broadcast to be located in the building during Lyken’s residency.

Táifēng and the Motorway Saint is a 60-minute film that resulted from a month-long residency Lyken undertook at Taipei Artist Village in 2016. Filming in the middle of táifēng (typhoon) season, Lyken managed to shoot the footage over 21 consecutive days across in Taipei, Kaohsiung & Tainan, all on public transport, on foot, or on the back of a scooter. Combining Lyken’s interest in observational filming techniques and the ways in which micro-narratives of life and place unfold in time, Táifēng is a visually rich meditation on texture – both random and ordered - of contemporary Taiwanese life.

A new short text by Dr Philippa Lovatt, Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews, will accompany the installation.

Mark Lyken is a filmmaker and sound artist. He creates observational film, musical and sound works, performances and installations that explore relationships to place and the interplay between nature and culture. This has led to collaborations with artists and scientists, most notably with the University of Aberdeen’s School of Biological Sciences. Lyken’s work has been presented in Brazil, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Taiwan and widely across the UK.

Mark Lyken is currently based in Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland.


New Town New Wave

Mark Lyken


A screening of Táifēng and the Motorway Saint, 2016, will begin at 3.30pm (running time 62 mins)


THURS 24 MAY – SAT 16 JUNE 2018

Open every Thurs-Sat, 10am-4pm, and Sunday 27 May 10am-3pm

Táifēng and the Motorway Saint, 2016, will screen during exhibition hours at 12pm and 2pm



Mark Lyken live performance (approx. 35 mins)

A slow-building improvisation by Lyken using sound material he gathered in and around the old KBS building in Namwon, as well as the 1976 archive broadcast that features in New Town New Wave.

Preceded by a Q&A with Mark Lyken




Sound workshop

10am - 4pm

13-18 years

Free, but spaces limited


New Town New Wave

HD | Colour | 20min | 16:9 | 2 Channel | Stereo | Korean | English Subtitles | South Korea & Scotland | 2018 

 Two-channel film installation

3 framed giclee photographic prints


Namwon Broadcasts 

WAV | 20min | Stereo | South Korea | 2017

Supported by CAMPLE LINE, Namwon Culture City Committee, Cryptic Glasgow, Producer Group DOT and Afternoon Pictures

Special thanks to Bongmin Choi, Bryony Rose, Cryptic Glasgow, Emma Dove, Hyeyeon Kim, Jin Youngkwan, Jisun Park, KBS, Philippa Lovatt, Soeun Jung, Tina Fiske


Táifēng and the Motorway Saint


A Cryptic commission for Sonica 2017

 Subtitles and translation by Ting Shuo Hear Say


Supported by Cryptic, Cove Park, British Council Taiwan, Taipei Artist Village, Ting Shuo Hear Say, Afternoon Pictures, Hugh Fraser Foundation, Soft Error and CAMPLE LINE


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