The 2022 Studios

We are delighted to announce the artists and makers who will be taking part in Spring Fling 2022.

There will be 96 studios spanning our vast region. All studios are open for the full 4-days from 2 to 5 June and we look forward to welcoming you back.

You can get a taste of the artists’ work and working practices through our Virtual Studios – plus guidance on how to find them when there’s the chance to see them in person during Spring Fling (2 – 5 June).

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The studios for Spring Fling 2022 are…

Blue Route

Linda Irving
Jane Fraser
Glenda Waterworth
Liz Perry
Lisa Hooper
Kevan McGinty
Ella McCreath New Studio
Rosie Dobson New Studio
Sarah Stewart
Gail Kelly
Savannah Crosby New Studio
Hope London
Kay Ribbens
Mary Gladstone New Studio
Josh Williams New Studio
Andy Priestman

Purple Route

Elizabeth Gilbey
Caroline Hone
Sheena McMaster
Lucy Hadley
Lynsey Lochhead New Studio
Julie Hollis
Heather Davies
Alison Corfield
Alistair Hamilton
Joshua Miles New Studio
Laura Derby
Lizzie Farey
Catherine Coulson
Heather M Nisbet
Morag Macpherson
Jay Rubinstein
Jennie Ashmore
Anne Waggot Knott New Studio
Janet Ibbotson

Pink Route

Julian Francis
Suzanne Stuart Davies
Angela Lawrence
Hazel Campbell
Sheena McCurrach New Studio
Jo Gallant
Pete Machell
Geoff Forrest
Catherine Corfield New Studio
Fitch & McAndrew
Amanda Simmons
Natalie Vardey
Adam Booth
Pamela Grace
Clare Dawdry
Kim Ayres
Maggie Ayres
Edward Campbell New Studio

Orange Route

Mark Welland New Studio
Philippa Sinclair
Kate Bentley New Studio
Alan Cameron New Studio
Sheri Blackett New Studio
Ailsa Black
Archie McCall
Andrew Adair
Caroline McGonigal New Studio
Deborah Fallas New Studio
Joanna Shennan New Studio
Steven Burnie
William Spurway
Ruth Elizabeth Jones
Emma Varley
Silvy Weatherall New Studio
Ian Mckinnell New Studio
Tricia Barna
Heather Armstrong New Studio

Green Route

Anne Butler
Clare Melinsky
Alison Proudlock
Gyllian Thomson New Studio
Kate Mink
Briony Anderson New Studio
Alison Macleod
Kaz Robertson
Samuel Sparrow New Studio
Jennifer Watt
Deborah Campbell
Sarah Keast

Red Route

Minette Bell MacDonald
Bella Green
Gloria Newlan New Studio
Jesse Ball
Liz McQueen New Studio
Cathy van Hoppe
Lisa Rothwell-Young
Margaret Walty
Daniel Lacey
Miles Moore Ceramics
Rory Laycock
Jackie Zehnder New Studio

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