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Every year we produce a high quality brochure to outline everything event visitors need to know about visiting Spring Fling and Dumfries & Galloway. This full colour brochure details all our studio and programme information, from artists’ statements, what to expect in their studios, details on evening openings, workshops, public art, activities for families and information on getting around the region and other Upland projects. Included throughout the brochure in our route sections and in our special advertising section, are adverts by local and national events, organisations, tourist attractions and businesses.

In 2019 (our last physical event), 57% of our visitors came from outwith the region. These visitors all need somewhere to stay, places visit and to eat and are looking for other attractions and sights to see. Last year, with our part-physical and digital activity, event audiences engaged from as far as Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland and other parts of the UK. 91% of those that gave us feedback said they would definitely attend Spring Fling 2022.

This year’s advertising opportunities include:

  • Spring Fling Digital Brochure
  • Spring Fling Website
  • Spring Fling Newsletters

These provide the perfect place to advertise your restaurant, B&B, campsite, taxi service, activity centre, or, if you are a gallery, why not take part in the event as one of our galleries! This is also a great way to connect or tap into new local/regional audiences and engage with customers who might be on your doorstep!

How to Book

Find out more about 2022 advertising and booking your advert here.

Contact: Joanna Jones to make your booking on or 07787 299487.

Remember adverts in the route sections of the brochure are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis.  

All adverts and Gallery advertorials must be booked and paid for by 5pm, Monday 1st November 2021. 

Artwork and information for advertorials must be provided by 5pm, Monday 29th November 2021 

View the 2020 rescheduled event brochure here.

View the 2021 event brochure here.


Image by Kirstin McEwan.

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