Every year we produce a high quality brochure to outline everything you need to know about visiting Spring Fling. This 80-page full colour brochure details all our studio and programme information, from artists’ statements, what to expect in their studios, details on evening openings, Spring Fling projects, activities for families and information on getting around the region and other Upland projects.

This year’s event is now finished.
Please find information on the 2020 brochure below – this can be used to make contact with the 2020 participants.

Sadly our lovely brochures now have lots of incorrect information since we had to postpone the event so we won’t be using them to promote attending the event. They still have lots of invaluable information on the Artists and Makers taking part in the event and others from the region so please use them as a directory alongside our rescheduled event information.

We have updated the digital version of the 2020 event brochure and this can be viewed on this page or by downloading the document here.

If you prefer a larger print size, we recommend downloading the document so you can zoom in to suit your requirements.

This year’s brochure illustration has been produced by Tara O’Brien.

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