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Brochure 2024


Welcome to the 2024 Spring Fling Brochure!

As many of you will know, each year we proudly present a full-colour, high quality printed brochure. The brochure is eagerly anticipated and collected by many. Find out more below!


How to Get a Brochure

The brochures are now starting to wing their way across Dumfries & Galloway!

Brochures are FREE to pickup within D&G at a range of locations including art centres, libraries, community centres, cafes, shops etc. Look out for them!

If you are outside D&G, or if you want one posted directly to your door, please order via this website. Remember, the sooner you order your brochure, the cheaper it will be!

Standard rate:
£6.00 per brochure
From the 1st May – £8.50

Please allow 2 weeks from the date of your order to receive your brochure. If you have not received your order within that period, please get in touch!




The 2024 illustration was created by Jamie Stryker.


It celebrates the interesting things visitors will find in the artists’ studios. In most studios, there will be an area filled with objects collected and found, walls with pinned photos, scribbles, drawings, and influential articles. Shelves might be full of interesting items, tools, and equipment. Jamie’s illustration focuses on this and the unique insights into the artist’s creative processes that can be found on these shelves, workbenches, and studio walls. Make sure you look out for these when visiting the studios in May.



About the Illustrator

Originally hailing from the Northern California town of Chico, Jamie Stryker is a versatile graphic designer and illustrator now calling South-West Scotland home.

With a deep-seated affection for the art of printmaking, Jamie finds joy in the tactile processes of lino and risograph, infusing her work with a distinctive blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

Jamie’s journey into design began at California State University, Chico, where she pursued studies in communication design. After a stint in men’s fashion design, Jamie transitioned into freelancing as a graphic designer upon her move to Scotland, embracing a diverse range of projects that cater to clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Specialising in refined and bespoke branding and print projects, Jamie brings a touch of sophistication to every endeavour, crafting visual identities that reflect authenticity and allure.

Outside of the design realm, Jamie finds fulfillment in a variety of hobbies including photography, birdwatching, travel and countryside exploration. She often spends her free time renovating her old Georgian house, drinking lots of good coffee surrounded by her many furry friends, and finding joy in the balance between creativity and everyday life.

Connect with Jamie’s creative journey and explore her portfolio:


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