There are many ways to connect, interact and keep in the loop with all things Spring Fling. This year, we’re continuing to develop the website after its launch in 2019. We are also bringing you a brand new Spring Fling app and promoting the use of What3Words in finding studios.

Spring Fling App

We’re delighted to be presenting a brand new Spring Fling app for the 2020 event!

Supported and delivered by CodeArcs, a Dumfries-based software development business. Mobile apps are not their only speciality – from bespoke business software to their own project management product Tickd. Check out their website to find out more about what they do.

The new app is an essential companion to have with you on your Spring Fling visit. It allows you to browse information about all the studios and help you navigate to them, even when you’re offline.

Download the Spring Fling 2020 App via the App Store (iPhones/iPads) or Google Play Store (Android devices) soon!


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We’re encouraging visitors to use What3Words, an app and web-based system that splits the world up into 3m squares. Each of these squares has a unique three-word name assigned to it. We have detailed each Spring Fling studios unique three words on their brochure entries. This means you can use this app or type the three words into the What3Words website and will get the most accurate method of locating the studios ever!

Visit the What3Words website at:

Here you will find out more about using both the webbased version as well as the App.


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