Future Spring Fling

Since there has been lots of change this year, we wanted to take a minute to update you on some of our plans going forward as we know lots of you will be thinking about how Spring Fling 2021 might look.

Please find some updates below.

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Ruth E Jones handcoiling a moon jar at the SF Pop-Up at The Oven, Spring Fling 2019. Image by Colin Tennant.

Plans for the 2021 Event

For the 2021 event, we are working on developing an exciting programme that will aim to meet new challenges that the year may bring. Due to COVID-19, we know that Spring Fling may be different next year but are planning to present exciting plans that showcase the artists and makers across the region.

We are also working on developing the accessibility of the event. There are some elements we can’t change such as the access to private studios in homes but we are looking into what we can develop. Two elements we are pursuing is our digital offering and ways to connect with our audiences off the screen.

Furthermore, in response to the current global pandemic, we will continue to support our artists and makers to the best of our ability and also engage with you, our audience. We are committed to working closely with our creative community to find solutions which will keep us all connected and participating in creative pursuits both on and off the screen. Please follow our social media or join our mailing list for regular updates.

More information later.


(Image of SF Pop-Up at The Oven by Colin Tennant)

Applications for SF2021

Applications are yet to open for the 2021 event.

These normally open in September each year but due to COVID-19, this has been delayed. Therefore, applications for Spring Fling 2021 will not open until the New Year. Information on this will be posted on social media and go out in our newsletters.

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Greener Event

Our new digital programme and the fact that visitors won’t be travelling from studio to studio means that this year’s event will be our greenest yet! Not only that, but our virtual studios, online workshops and programming will be available internationally for all audiences.

We are pleased to work with and promote environmentally conscious partners and organisations like the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere and the Green Arts Initiative and Creative Carbon Scotland.

For next year’s event, we look forward to bringing back our bus and bike tours as well.

(Image: Galloway Cycle Holidays)

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