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Green Event


Spring Fling prides itself on being as green as possible.
Find out more about what we are doing below.

Help us make a greener event!

Consider our environment – please pass on the brochure when you have finished with it.

Please bring a bag with you – many studios will not be offering wrapping services.

Where possible, please car-share, take public transport, take one of our bus tours, or go by bike! 

Find out more about this here.


Upland Environmental Policy


Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere


What is the Biosphere?

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire has been recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as a world class environment for people and nature. The Biosphere region covers more than 5,200km² of southwest Scotland, and is one of a network of more than 700 UNESCO Biospheres globally. As an organisation, the GSA Biosphere works in multi-sector partnerships to promote conservation, learning, a sustainable economy, and climate resilience. The Biosphere vision is to demonstrate our passion for living in a way that benefits people and nature

Creative Arts in the Biosphere
Many artists choose to share the intimacy of their relationship with and experiences of nature, often alongside a deep understanding of our impact on the environment. On visiting studios and meeting these artists in person, you will see their desire to portray both the beauty and fragility of our landscapes and the life within.

A number of local creatives have shown their commitment to the Biosphere vision through joining its Proud Supporter scheme. Some have gone further in demonstrating their care for nature, culture, heritage, and sustainability: these artists and makers have been awarded the Biosphere Certification Mark, a trademarked accreditation for sustainable business practices. You will see these logos on some of our Virtual Studios pages.

Spring Fling has signed up and been awarded the GSA Biosphere Sustainable Events Charter. This highlights that Spring Fling is aligned to the UNESCO Biosphere charter points and sustainable business practices, to promote what we are doing to make our event more environmentally friendly and raise awareness of the areas UNESCO Biosphere designation.

The Galloway & Southern Ayrshire Biosphere is proud to be working with Spring Fling and the creative sector, especially to collaborate in a way that inspires others to celebrate and champion this amazing region.


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