Paper Batik
with Pamela Grace

Join Pamela Grace for a demonstration of “Paper-batiks”, a process she has developed for her own work using gouache paint as a resist, Indian ink, chalk pastels on good quality watercolour paper.

Pamela will talk through the process stage by stage, demonstrating and showing examples.

If you want to get involved and try your hand, Pamela has provided a list of materials:

  • Chalk pastels
  • Watercolour paper c. 300gsm or good quality paper
  • Gouache paint
  • Palette and brushes
  • Waterproof black India ink eg Sennelier ‘A la Pagode ‘ (diluted – 2 parts ink one part water) or Windsor and Newton (doesn’t need to be diluted)
  • Tray for rinsing
  • Large flat brush for applying ink
  • Watercolours or coloured ink
If you watched and enjoyed this, please make a donation so Upland can present these again for Spring Fling. Thank you!

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