My Practice

I am inspired by the landscape around me and aim to capture the mood of being here, recording details in sketchbooks outdoors. Later in the studio I use fabric and stitch to develop themes. I continue to make work that is about change: the movement of the tide, the textures and colours of water, mud, rocks and sand. I also have pieces this year that explore themes of entangled or enclosed. My work is made with fabrics and papers, adding colour and then stitching with my sewing machine. My stitching is often done quickly to develop rhythm in the marks.

Images by Alistair Hamilton

A video tour of my studio, showing my processes, sketchbooks and finished work. Video by Alison Corfield and Alistair Hamilton

Tools & Materials

I have a light and spacious studio in the historic artists town of Kirkcudbright. It is an old double fronted Georgian shop, which I share with my partner, Alistair Hamilton, photographer. My main tool is a 35 year old Bernina sewing machine which I use to stitch into my work. The old machines work best for what I do. I utilise a wide range of threads in different colours, thicknesses and composition. I work on collaged backgrounds and often include found papers and natural fibres. I use paints and dyes to add colour to work and also in my sketchbooks.

Recent Developments

This last year has, as you know, been unlike any other. My life has been very different, staying at home and having no exhibitions or galleries open for long periods, not going to my studio every day, but setting up a temporary space at home. I found that the need to be creative is a constant for me, so I continued to work in sketchbooks and try out ideas, but without exhibitions this did not lead to finished work. I have been developing themes for new work and Spring Fling 2021 will give me an incentive to produce new finished pieces.

SF2021 Activity

A video tour of the studio showing new work, will be launched on my Facebook page on Saturday 29th May at 10.30am.

We will be hosting live Zoom sessions from the studio during the Spring Fling 2021 event. Just drop in for a chat, to ask questions, come to see what we are doing. This will be live at 11am on May 30th, June 1st, 3rd and 5th and at other times too so check our website for details or you can get in touch to request a time.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 852 2450 4854

Passcode: SF2021


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my work and you might be interested in purchasing. My work can be bought online via the Spring Fling online exhibition or in person at the SF Pop-UP. You are very welcome to contact me directly about pieces or to visit my online shop to make a purchase. My studio is open for visits outside of the Spring Fling events, more details on the studio website I am in the PA pop-up Artists and Makers Co-operative, visit the shops in Kirkcudbright or Gatehouse to see more of my work.

Connect with Alison

Our online studio pages give you a chance to learn about each artist, see their work, watch video tours and demos and connect with them online. You can also purchase work, either directly from the artist or on the Spring Fling shop.


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