My Practice

I am a goldsmith making bespoke and production pieces in my own unique style. My Catkin Collection draws on a pattern seen long ago on an antique ring. I build up the design by soldering sometimes hundreds of tiny discs in place to create a fish scale pattern.

See Alison making a pair of mis-match stud earrings with​ her signature Catkin pattern.

Accessibility: This video does not have any speech within (just music).

Tools & Materials

My studio, in the heart of Thornhill, is my sanctuary. I surround myself with treasured objects and books, things to inspire my practice and keep my designs moving forward. Many of my hand tools are akin to those used for thousands years for decorative metal work.

Recent Developments

I am normally open by appointment but throughout the pandemic I have been conducting zoom consultations to guide customers through the intricate details of commissioning a jewellery piece.

SF2021 Activity

For this years Spring Fling Online I will be taking to Instagram with an extended insight into my practise. Stay tuned!
My collection can be bought through the shop on my website. Or get in touch if you’d like to discuss a bespoke commission:
Connect with Alison

Images by Laura Sparrow.

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