My Practice

I use photography to explore pattern, detail and texture in the natural and human-made environment by observing things that people often overlook. I want my work to show others how I see the world. Almost all my work is opportunistic. I am always on the look-out for subjects to photograph and I always have a camera with me. I rarely go out with a clear intention of what I want to photograph. I keep my eyes open, and things present themselves to me. Many of my photographs were taken while going about everyday life.

Images by Alistair Hamilton, Images of Alistair at work by Alison Corfield.

I present a studio tour and then show some of me out photographing at a boatwreck on Fauldbog Bay.

Tools & Materials

All my work starts in a camera, of which I have many. They are small and hand-held; I rarely use a tripod. Creating my work takes a camera image file and reaches a conclusion with a print being made. Only first step happens outside my studio. Much of the creative input takes place in the studio. The final printed image is often far removed from what the camera captured I share my Kirkcudbright studio my partner, Alison, who is a textile artist. My studio tools are a computer with image processing software and big displays, and a pigment ink printer.

Recent Developments

Restriction of movement has limited my ability to make new photographs – I cannot create work from my imagination! The cancellation of exhibitions has removed the immediate demand to produce new work, but this may eventually lead to some new paths being followed. For instance, I have recently decided to re-acquaint myself with photography using film, after a gap of about 10 years, although I have not yet ventured back into the darkroom.

SF2021 Activity

My partner and I will be hosting live Zoom sessions from the studio during the Spring Fling 2021 event. Just drop in for a chat, to ask questions, come to see what we are doing. This will be live at 11am on May 30th, June 1st, 3rd and 5th and at other times too so check our website for details or you can get in touch to request a time.
Meeting ID: 852 2450 4854
Passcode: SF2021
Connect with Alistair
All work on my website and Flickr site can be ordered for delivery as a mounted print (provided that the print run has not been completed). Since they can be printed in a wide range of sizes, I will make prints to order. If you are interested in ordering a print, you can contact me by email or telephone. Costs are in the range of £45 – £180 depending on size and the number of prints remaining in the print run. See my website.
Work can be seen in person and bought framed and as mounted prints from the SF Pop-Up Exhibition. My studio is open for visits outside of the Spring Fling events, more details on the studio website.

Our online studio pages give you a chance to learn about each artist, see their work, watch video tours and demos and connect with them online. You can also purchase work, either directly from the artist or on the Spring Fling shop.


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