I work with glass powders and sheet glass, creating 3D vessel forms using gravity. I have pursued this method exclusively for the past 14 years and still find new ways to explore the properties of mass, heat, time and gravity to create new works.

Recent Developments

I am lucky that my studio is at home and I’ve been able to continue working, albeit at a much slower pace. I am missing my travels around the world teaching but it’s been a bonus to watch a glorious Spring unfold here in Dumfries & Galloway. I’m continuing to be absorbed in the colours, landscapes and botanics of Australia and I’m making very warm, rich vibrant vessels with multi-layered patterns interacting with light.

During this pandemic as all projects and galleries slowly were cancelled, I have noticed one positive effect, despite the anxiety, of bringing a much needed calmness to my practice. It has giving me time and space to slow down and work through ideas. I am developing some wall based works based on the Japanese Buddhist term Satori, a word used to descrbe an ‘awakening’ or presence. The new works have more layers of intricate mark making, giving me very many happy meditative hours of work, and include more texture than my vessel work.

Head to my social media where I have showcased the whole process of how I make a large kilnformed glass vessel through films, pics and blogs across the social media world and my website, documenting the stages from development to finished piece.

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