My work has always been about humans and their connections with each other. My style is often humorous. But now the setting is changing. Humans have to be contextualised in a world which we are increasingly destroying. Is this the bigger picture – a world without us?

It has mainly been concerned with the world of humans, often turning a phrase or saying on its head to create a humorous vision of the human condition. Then I found myself starting to detach. What kind of human was I becoming?

Having always been interested in nature I had become hyper-aware of how this world is slowly dying because we humans are consuming all our resources, polluting our minds, bodies and environment with a total disregard for the destruction of the world and its non-human inhabitants.

In 2018, to be nearer parents, my wife and I relocated to Wigtownshire. Within weeks the feeling of detachment began to wane and with nature in all its glory filling my soul and spirit, I felt connected to the natural world again. But now, surrounded by trees and the ever-encroaching landscape, always encroaching, I am beginning to wonder how long the world will take to revert to its natural state after humans have left? What will the landscape look like then? This thought haunts and fascinates me in equal measure. Through a series of paintings and drawings, I hope to explore and create visions of the world without humans.

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