Wood fired pots wheel thrown and slab built. Hand mixed unique clays, glazes and wild clays incorporating locally sourced sands and grogs. Fired in own designed and built wood fired kiln to 1300°C Paintings using oil-based pigments incorporating collage and mono print on paper.  

Recent Developments  

I fired the kiln in March and had planned to start glazing for an April firing. This is my usual routine so that I can show the best of two firings at the end of May for Spring Fling. With the May deadline off and the weather being so warm and dry I have been outside most days mixing clay, preparing slips, cutting and splitting wood and making some changes to the kiln that I radically changed in 2018.  

Each firing since then I have made subtle changes to the flue and flame path to try and achieve the perfect firing.  The most recent alteration involved making the door opening to the firebox taller by lifting the lintel. Perfection will be achieved!  

Anyway, I am now going to be making more pots during May and hope to be firing towards the end of the month. Each firing inspires the next. Glazes, slips and the subtleties of how these are combined and fired are always evolving.  

I will be taking forward all the groups and styles that worked well in the March firing that included six-sided bottles both stoneware and porcelain, combed slip bowls and tea bowls and I hope to be making some slab-built dishes too. My Instagram has lots of photos of my work including these recent pots, and is the best way to stay abreast of my practice. 

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E: andyjpriestman@hotmail.com

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