Moving to Twynholm in 2018 the landscape of Dumfries & Galloway has become my main subject.  My work reflects a deep love and connection with the rural environment around me. Colour, strong loose marks and essence of place are what I strive to achieve. 

Recent Developments 

The cancellation of a trip to Mull three days prior to the advent of lock-down lead to a period of inertia that weakened my ability to apply myself creatively. The trip itself was to be an important part of my artistic itinerary, gathering sketchbook material for a new body of work to be realised  on return to my studio in Twynholm 

I was overwhelmed by shock, grief and anxiety with the developing Covid-19 scenario. This inability to function in that particular way led to a complete change of tactics and I decided to just play around with small bits of paper, using mixed media and remembering my favourite places in Scotland.  

This process has led to the current paintings, which are not place specific but are certainly my visual perceptions of this particular country. What do I miss most in lock-down, apart from family and friends? Going up to Knocktinkle, in the hills above Gatehouse of Fleet, where I regularly sketch and paint in the constantly changing environment.  

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