My work considers our relationship with nature, in particular how we experience and connect with wilder landscapes and biodiverse habitats. I explore nature reserves; photographing, painting, writing and thinking about how we interact with these environments and what they mean to us. 

I am interested by the sense of calm and restoration that we often feel in nature. Such complex natural ecosystems, far from overwhelming us, are often viewed as places of escape and relaxation. I try to unravel the aesthetic and sensory elements that create these emotional responses; looking at concepts of transience and shifting atmosphere, depth and mystery, imperfection and patina from weather, decay and growth. 

Recent Developments

I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful areas of lowland heath, forest and coastline which inspire my work. Working from a remote home studio, the challenges of isolation are familiar; I think for many during the pandemic, awareness has increased about the impact on mental wellbeing. I love the positive thoughts that people are sharing about what really matters, slowing down, taking account and more fully appreciating the value of nature and each other. 

Since last Spring Fling, I have moved into Wasps_ studios in Kirkcudbright which I have been unable to access during lockdown and my work, like so many others, has been impacted by this and and the cancellation of events as well as commitments to support vulnerable family members. For an artist, adapting to different ways of working, and using limited supplies can be a great way to experiment and get creative with new ideas. I have been making test pieces and paintings exploring surface and patina; layering, under-printing and building up texture with different materials and paints. 

Spring Fling is special in its ability to draw the art loving community together to share ideas and conversation, so I also wanted to look at new ways to connect online as an alternative for visiting the studio during the open studios bank holiday weekend. 

T: (01556) 568161

Shop Launch

I have recently launched my online shop so please head over and say hello. Visitors can explore my website as a virtual studio, where I share the process behind making my art. My new blog will share my surroundings, inspirations and experiments. 

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