I make useful pots that are well crafted and a pleasure to use. Bowls, mugs, vases, and jugs are the foundation of my practice, and provide infinite possibilities in exploring clarity of form and functionality. The use of matt and shiny surfaces and subtle colour changes achieved through layering glazes and often multiple firings inspires me to explore and develop decoration quietly evocative of local land and seascapes. 

More recently, my work has evolved to incorporate masking techniques whilst exploring glaze textures in relation to heat, changing firing patterns and experimenting with more varied forms to affect how glazes behave.  

Recent Developments 

Leading up to the lockdown it was business as usual, working on commercial orders, gallery commissions and stocking up for Spring Fling.   

Once the lockdown kicked in, there was the initial period of chaos where we all got used to being at home and as parents we embarked upon home schooling as best we could in amongst pottery work.  

Spring Fling being postponed meant the main focus for the next couple of months for me was now no more, so I looked at ways to sell online. Instagram and Facebook have been a strong outlet for individual pieces these last few weeks, and something I’m really thankful for is having such lovely people following my work. 

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