My Practice

My work falls into two categories, landscape and still life, and are governed largely by the climate,relying on good weather in which to gather information, working in sketchbooks with pencil, charcoal, pastels and sometimes small oil sketches  board or card.Since moving to Galloway in the 1980s, I’ve had a passionate interest in the largely-landscape with its rocky coastline, its beautiful harbours, the informal arrangement of its farm buildings and its untamed hinterland.In poor weathe, I resort to still life painting, using the chaos of my studio  as a source of inspiration. The subject matter here is rarely stage-set, and consists of the tools and implements seen in any studio, as well as cherished objects which I have accumulated over the years. With what I call my “studio paintings,” I often create monoprints as an intermediary between the drawings and the oil paintings.

Davy shares some thoughts on paintings that inspire him

Tools & Materials

My studio is at home, where I work mainly in oils,developed from my sketches and studies and on specially created boards. Iwork on numerous paintings at any one time.  My monoprints are done in oil paint or printers ink on glass.

Recent Developments

from February till May, I worked on five commissioned paintings for the Oncology unit Of DGRI, while working towards an exhibition in the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh in July to celebrate my 70th birthday, which occurred in lockdown at the end of March.

SF2021 Activity

I will be opening my “studio” independently of the event in the bookshop in Wigtown, showing recent work.  Some sketchbooks will be on display,  and to enhance the visitor’s understanding of my working process, I shall be seen working on a large painting, developed from my sketches. Please contact me directly for more information.

Connect with Davy

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