My work is principally concerned with the Galloway landscape, although I do paint still life when the weather is unsympathetic. I work from sketchbooks, developing and re-structuring my ideas into finished paintings in oils.

Every day is a precious opportunity to continue with what I love best; the continued struggle with oil paint. I have used it consistently for almost fifty years, apart from a brief foray into acrylics in the 1990’s. I also love the Galloway landscape and have painted the Solway Coast since the 1960’s.

I love its unspoilt nature, its ruggedness and the special light which it shares with Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and parts of Argyll. However, I am interested not only in that ever-changing light as it plays on the land, sea, harbours and estuaries; I am concerned with the underlying structures of nature and my painting is an attempt at recreating these structures using strong, vibrant colour. Not colour straight from the tube, but carefully considered mixtures of harmonies or discords.

I work outdoors whenever possible, gathering my information in the form of annotated thumbnail sketches, pastel studies and small oil paintings, which I develop and re-invent in my studio. When the weather proves to be too problematic, as is often the case in Galloway, I revert to still life painting in which I employ the same approaches and techniques as in my landscape.

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