I paint still life and landscape direct from nature. Living in Dumfries and Galloway, I am influenced by the artists who loved this area in the past, including the Glasgow Boys. My work is in the Scottish contemporary style with an emphasis on form and colour. 

Recent Developments 

The pandemic and lockdown have meant some big changes at Rusko Studio.  Instead of the comings and goings of the regular art classes and art holidays, I have been working on my own pictures and restoring part of the old walled garden at Rusko, near Gatehouse of Fleet.   

Lockdown has meant a new look at things closer to home and I have been taking my easel into the garden at Rusko. The pictures are smaller, more intimate and focus on the familiar: bumblebees busying themselves on new flowers, a rather overgrow corner of the old walled garden and trees sketched in charcoal. Also the odd sketch of family members helping gardening. 

I am also producing a series of short videos with tips and advice on successful drawing and painting at home with only minimal art kit.  

The idea is to offer people tips and ideas for getting started on drawing at home or developing your skills. Most of us don’t have a set of oil paints or many art materials at home but there is always something to make marks and draw on. 

During this strange time when we perhaps have less than usual to keep occupied, drawing is fantastically absorbing. With a few basic ideas on how to render things looking natural and draw from life, it can be very rewarding. 

To see my work, videos and more, sign up by emailing liz@elizabethgilbey.co.uk 

Classes will start again when allowed – email to book a place or join one of the art holiday weeks at Rusko Studio.  My work is also for sale at the same email address. 

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