My approach to printmaking highlights the way that process can lead and expand into other media. I capture snapshots of the wider environment in Dumfries & Galloway and beyond. Integral to my creative process is colour as content explored with both analogue and digital techniques.  

Recent Developments 

I have been working with Ruth Jones on Cosmos Forms, a print and ceramic collaboration. 

Ruth and I share similarities in our meditative process, the layering of rolled thin skins of colour onto a plexiglass plate born onto paper by the rotating metal roller in the print press; mirrors the coils of pressed grogged clay layered and built into walls, which are scraped back to reveal form, born from fire and kindled by smoke to create lunar like surfaces.  

Time and process through meditative repetition has become a reference point from which to collaborate.  

United by time and process the ‘Cosmos Forms’ capture personal worlds suspended in form and colour, objects of mediation which reference the natural world. As a single entity with a clear focal point or as multiples they evoke the natural environment, radiating, vibrating and pulsing.  

Lockdown has slowed the collaborative process but not halted it. Conversations have continued; how can the discs be varied and inverted to create convex forms? Collaboration is via Whats App, images and dialogue exchanged over video chat. When circumstance allows, the work will be showcased in both digital and ‘new normal’ exhibitions. Find out more

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