My Practice

I work with linocut, woodcut and lithography, inspired by the countryside where I live along with the gorgeous gardens and beautiful landscapes I see on my travels in Ireland and Britain. I print on Irish linen and I make hand stitched collages of my linocuts and woodcuts.

Tools & Materials

Home for me is an old farm with a large half wild garden. I have my studio and workshop just across the yard and my own press which was made in 1837! I use traditional lino cutting tools as well as some wood working tools which belonged to my great grandfather and a great aunt. I have sewing baskets, silver thimbles, needles wrapped in wax paper, wooden spools of thread and of course my stash vintage linen, all of which have been handed down to me from women in my family.

A visit to my workshop to show you my cast iron press which I use to print my linocut designs on Irish linen.

Recent Developments

This last year I’ve had more time to spend at home in my garden and have been incorporating details of the plants here into my work. I have also been working on a series of linen collages inspired by Victorian glass houses. These ‘Botanical Gardens’ involve detailed stitching as I outline the glass domes and fill them with exotic plants.

SF2021 Activity

I will be working on some new linocuts depicting native wildlife and plants. I will be able to show the various stages from drawing the image on the lino, carving the design, proofing and printing. I will document how I make my linen collages too, showing how I piece the image together and hand stitch everything in place.
You can see my work and make a purchase from my online shop
Prices start at £3 for a card. There is no minimum order and there is free shipping within the UK.
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