Recent Developments 

Pre lockdown my work was loose and bold using lots of paint, ink, water and large pieces of paper in my studio.  None of that was possible on the kitchen table, so a different approach was needed.
I brought an A4 sketch pad and a box of crayons and pencils. Two bottles of ink managed to make their way in also. No paint or brushes! 

I found this so restrictive but told myself to ‘ get on with it!’  I disciplined myself to do something each day, and eventually surprised myself with what emerged. Wet fingers rubbed over pastel crayon is effective. Coloured pencil over stained paper even more so!  Often the mess was depressing and I nearly resorted to old household paint over everything. 

Eventually I discovered that other approaches were developing, and I was working on a smaller scale than before and on primed board giving an interesting texture. I became less concerned with it representing anything– just areas of colour and marks. 

I hope I will benefit from all this. It has altered how I see things and how I replicate life on paper.
Spring Fling will happen again, and possibly we will all develop in a slightly different direction.
All the work is for sale, and has been done in lockdown.  All unframed.  

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