I work primarily with warm glass techniques with many kiln formed processes. I draw my inspiration from Scottish landscapes, colours and textures within nature and the changing seasons. I strive to push the boundaries of this fascinating three-dimensional medium.  

Recent Developments 

It’s been a very strange time here and I have found myself with much less time to make as I’ve been putting lots of effort, working hard to ensure the independent cafe Foodstory I work at can survive during this very unpredictable time. I’ve been delivering lunches, dinners and shopping all over the place! 

However, I am managing to use whatever free time I have to get into my studio and keep making. My studio is located at the bottom of my garden so I am very fortunate that I can get here without breaking any social distancing rules. I have been concentrating on continuing my work for Spring Fling but at a much slower pace than usual.  

I’ve really enjoyed finishing off some big flowing wall panels inspired by a trip to Glenbrittle in Skye last year which I’ve been planning ever since! These panels will have some beautiful elegant vessels to go with them to truly transport you into the magic fairy pools at Glenbrittle. Over the next week I plan to post a series of videos on Instagram so that followers can see the whole process of how these vessels are made! So if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, now is a great time to start! 

It’s been such nice weather here so I have been potting succulents for another body of work Interior Garden that I planned to display at Spring Fling. This project is all about recycling glass, bringing colour and the outside garden into your home. I hate the waste and the offcuts created with my craft so this was a great way to get them used up, using a process called pot melting (which in fact ties in with the plant theme as I’ve been using a terracotta plant pot to do this). This project is really good fun teaching me lots of new skills and patience, I have been enjoying learning to macramé, learning about plants and of course as ever with glass work – cold working! 

My aim for the coming weeks is to keep working on my project and keeping connected with viewers through Instagram and Facebook doing little demonstrations in my studio and answering questions online. 

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