Each new painting is a genuine challenge, I strive to move forward and not simply repeat a successful formula. My work is an accumulation of memories of places, weather and light conditions. The challenge is to convey those memories and emotions with paint on canvas. 

Recent Developments 

I walk every morning. It’s part of my daily ritual. Three miles with the dog before work. A rotation of local walks, the choice depending on the season and what the weather is offering. In the present extraordinary circumstances that we all find ourselves in I’m very lucky to still have access to a lot of these places and continue that routine, more or less. 

As all exhibitions are now postponed and my regular galleries are closed I’m treating the situation as an opportunity to ease off for a while, to slow the pace, take some time off and take time to experiment. Having extra time on my hands and doing jobs that I never seemed to find the time for has meant that in sorting out of studio cupboards I’ve found all sorts of interesting things that I haven’t used for ages. I’ve worked in many different mediums in the past and loved them all, but in the last few years I’ve concentrated on oils and now that I have a break from the pressure of deadlines I’m revisiting some of those past painting methods, mediums and subjects. The glorious weather has encouraged me out to paint the beautiful spring garden.  I think that whatever medium one is working in there are always new things to discover, it’s always a learning process. I love the depth and richness of colour that I get from oils and the fact that I have to make every mark intentionally, but I’m enjoying watercolour, making some of the decisions for me. It will be interesting to see where it leads me, perhaps nowhere but it’s good to have the time to try. 

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