Working on moorland and hill ground in the Machars on a daily basis, I am inspired to sketch and paint in oils the landscape around me. Ever changing colours and the composition of my environment is what initially captures my imagination, with detail being secondary.

What is it that makes us stop and take in a view? For me its not the intricate detail, but more so the colour and composition of the landscape which stops me in my tracks. I work on and with the land during my work managing Belted Galloway cattle in Wigtownshire, and am fortunate to be surrounded by a rugged landscape of moorland, trees and lochs. Working predominantly with oil paints, I work loosely and quickly to create sketches which I then bring back to my studio to create larger compositions.

Recent Developments

During this COVID-19 period, Helen is busy lambing and calving on her farm!

T: (01988) 840255

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