I am a multidisciplinary artist, using photography, film and graphic design. My recent work has taken its cue from themes such as religion, mythology and social archetypes. By considering these topics, it is clear that there is a commonality that runs throughout each of them and I feel that on the most fundamental level, I am interested in storytelling.   

Throughout my projects you can see the development of various stories that are influenced by place, culture and time. My most recent, completed project, ‘Seven Ages’ is a photographic series based upon the ‘Seven Ages of Man’ monologue from the Shakespearian play, ‘As You Like It’. In it, Shakespeare surmises that a man’s life can be split into seven archetypal ages; ‘the Infant’, ‘the Schoolboy’, ‘the Lover’, ‘the Soldier’, ‘the Justice’, ‘the Pantaloon’ and ‘Old Age’. The series contemplates these figures and reframes them through large format photography within contemporary life. The images take their cue from Renaissance art and feature entirely female protagonists captured in their homes across the region of Dumfries and Galloway, shedding an alternative light on the traditionally male roles recorded throughout history.  

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So far, my work has been shown on various platforms, including online publishing, exhibitions and in book form. Each of these contexts have allowed me to challenge my practise and how I would like people to interact with it. My plans for the next few months have changed in regards to creating work and exhibiting. While some of my larger projects have been put on hold, I am currently working on a series that uses art and nature as therapy to combat feelings of anxiety from being in our current situation in quarantine. In Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’, a character is given advice on being heartbroken: ‘Even if you let yourself go fallow, the weeds will grow and the brambles, something will grow.’ I thought about this ‘fallow’ period in regards to my creative process, and have been photographing the simple tasks my family and neighbours undertake day to day in their gardens. By documenting them being outside and nurturing their pass-times, I too have returned to productivity.  

In preparation for what would have been Spring Fling weekend, I am also making prints using alternative processes such as cyanotypes that I can create from home. For more information or print inquiries please email izzyleach@outlook.com. 

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