Currently my work focuses on trees and tree bark – in particular the Australian Scribbly Gum. Influenced by colour, texture, pattern and balance I work mainly in mixed media and monoprinting in a loose, abstract style. I also have a growing interest in indigo dyeing.

Recent Developments 

I have been lucky enough to be able to do some work during the lockdown especially as the weather has been so good. I have set up a couple of indigo vats and dyed several silk scarves trying out various techniques such as arashi and other shibori techniques.  

Having more time than usual to work I have been able to try re-dipping techniques and over-dyeing, which I haven’t done before, and am very pleased with the results. Experimenting on paper and card using the indigo vat has been exciting and I now have a number of wall pieces and cards, all of which are original art works, made by dipping card or paper into the indigo vat. This is an unusual technique which can create very atmospheric landscapes. 

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