I collect leaves and flowers from my garden and wild places which I press and use to create unique collages, reflecting the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world. I will be working on some new leafworks using material collected from the Isle of Coll. 

Recent Developments 

I am continuing to work at home in my studio and building up a collection of work for an exhibition which was scheduled for September. Sadly, this is unlikely to be then, but will be in the future. I love working on large pieces and an exhibition like this gives me this opportunity. 

I am collecting lots of spring material from the local area with a plan to create another large piece, a wild flower quilt…hopefully. (I only collect very small quantities of flowers).  

During February a film about my work was shown on ITV Border Life, on the 22nd, which was a look at my studio and practice and a local walk where I collect much of my material. You can watch it on the Border Life website. 

My website has recently been updated with lots of new images and information. 

With all the extra time at home I have managed to get well ahead with the garden where I also have lots of plants growing which I use for my work…it has never looked so tidy!  

I have a large collection of work here, all sizes and prices, plenty of new card designs and a few books. if people are interested in purchasing anything then the best thing is to give me a ring or send an email. 

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