My work is very much influenced by the natural world: birds, animals, plants, trees, and the changing seasons and weather.  I am lucky to live and have my studio on the edge of Galloway Forest Park, where I am surrounded by trees and fields and can watch the shifting light on distant hills. Its colours, textures and shifting light are reflected in my work with fabrics, which I dye, paint, sew and machine embroider. 

Recent Developments 

During the current lockdown I have been taking time to try to look afresh at some of my current designs and also some from the past.  For me there is comfort in the familiar, but I am also experimenting with how these themes and visual ideas could be developed further.   

The process of making something has to feel right – I don’t like to having to fiddle around and bodge something just to get to a preconceived end result.  I work in fabric: cottons, linens and silks of all different weights and textures, which I paint with dye then use to construct my pieces. 

When I’m working on a new design, I will be thinking about the visual source, the materials and the method of making, all alongside each other.  To me, they have equal importance. 

I’ve also been thinking about the materials I use and their sustainability and environmental impact – the textile industry is not great, but because of the way I work – cutting and dyeing fabric for specific pieces my wastage of materials is minimal. 

I try to share some of the things I’m working on Instagram and Facebook, and comments and feedback are welcome. 

There is work for sale on my website but I am also very happy to take orders for personalised pieces whether just in a particular colour range or more individual. 

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