I am at the very beginning of my practice, having recently finished renovating my studio. I am in the process of developing my creative practice and range of wares; and invite you  along  to come and see some of that experimentation and development in process.  

Recent Developments 

The current situation has had both positives and negatives for my practice and business. I was obviously greatly looking forward to being open through Spring Fling, and to sharing my work. Despite this I have been enabled to reconsider my focus and priorities for the next year or so. I have slowed down again (just at the time I was getting ready to speed up even more!) and have spent even longer setting the studio and kiln up so that they serve me well as I know this will be something I have very little time for in the future.  

Ceramics are both a vocation and a lifestyle choice for me so since the session is Spring I have been spending a large amount of time with my wife and children growing vegetables and enjoying the forest we live in. I believe that this way, when the session for Ceramics comes again I can give most of my effort and focus to it.  

I am planning lots of clay and glaze tests, and using this time to better prepare for firing my work. I feel that this is a great opportunity, at the beginning of my business and studio practice, to really define what it is that I want to make, and to practice making it. All without the pressure or indeed possibility of physically sharing that work with others. The plans of the year ahead have been cancelled, and I am determined that it will be a time of more positives than negatives creatively. 

The pots I have for sale are some I made throughout my training before setting up the studio. These are fired in an Anagama as opposed to the Soda kiln I have built to fire in now, however they are indicative of the forms and textures I am looking for in the work I produce now. 

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