My continuing fascination with light has caused me to venture away from dappled woodlands towards our glorious coastline. Working with a limited palette, my paintings of sand, sea and sky depict both subtle and dramatic changes caused by our famous Scottish weather(s)!  

Recent Developments 

Since the lockdown I’ve been referring to myself as an ‘artist in exile’. My trips to Cloud 9, my gallery in Dumfries (and also my studio) have been curtailed of course, so instead I’ve set up a makeshift studio in the unfinished first floor of our house in Kirkcudbright. 

I can’t say that this is holding me back. The light here is amazing and I’m really comfortable in my new studio and, although I don’t have access to everything at my gallery, I have managed to pretty much fill what will eventually be our bedroom with huge amounts of creative paraphernalia!  

Away from my usual surroundings I’m finding joy in playing with materials. I’ve been expanding my use of air-dry clay; handy stuff when you don’t have access to a kiln! I have been creating ceramic panels imprinting them using found materials. The molding, painting and glazing of these is not something that I would normally do, but I am loving the process. 

Most of my current painting work is smaller than I would usually do, simply because I’m working with the canvases I already have here at home. I am trying to keep to my 2020 theme of Coasts and Waterways, but aside from visiting Kirkcudbright harbour on my essential walking of the dog, I’m not getting chance to procure source material. Instead I am using my notebooks and already photographs taken to inspire new work. And reverting to my woodland themes, where I am happy anyway! 

Despite not being able to welcome visitors to Cloud 9 on Spring Fling weekend, I am hoping to offer online activities on my website.

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