My work in Mosaic and Mixed Media is a fusion of my earlier painting and sculptural experience, and ranges from the semi-abstract to the narrative. When not working on a commission, my preoccupation is with creating collections or one-off pieces that examine key symbolic devices that may lead to unlocking contemporary truths.  

I use a wide base of materials, both traditional and those I make myself, including painted elements and hand-moulded resins. Much of my work has roots in history and literature interpreted through modern eyes. Drawing and written work continue to be important parts of this process and constant re-evaluation. 

Recent Developments 

The Covid-19 lockdown has had a significant impact on what I am currently making and thinking. It has brought disruption and uncertainty, but I have also begun to find it liberating. It allows me a different time scale with which to tackle ideas, but most importantly this time requires a shift in perception about the future and the past. I still work through old themes and memories but it has triggered the need to reuse passed skills in a new whole.  

The pandemic is testing our ingenuity when it comes to self-isolation: a Mosaic exhibition in Galashiels I was to be taking part in has reached wide and new audiences by going online.  I am working on relief screens and 3D pieces some of which may include: vitreous glass, wood, hand-painted ceramic, metal, glass, stone and more. April’s wonderful weather has meant I can work with resin safely in the open. It also allowed me to revamp my studio (now in its eighteenth year) with much needed floor and wall paint, and re-varnish the window frames against the wind and wet. 

I want my work to lead into ideas which may be unquantifiable on one level yet are stimulating in themselves. My present work has resonance with the challenges of today. It’s a challenge that has been deepened this Spring. When the opportunity comes to welcome the public back to my studio they will see some fresh departures in technique and some returns. 

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